Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A promise

Once I had made a promise to myself
Not to make you alive in my words again
Burying all the letters deep down inside
The exquisite structures that spelt your name

I’ve also tired to raze down every wall since then
Wherever there hangs a painting of you
Inside the moist remnants of my heart
And of visions that could never come true

Deliberately, I allowed time’s droplets to settle down
All over the delicate glasses around your face
That I had protected from every tumult and storm,
To obscure even the faintest dawn of your gaze

But stealthily during unseen moments I had broken
Some rickety fragments of your memories
And clasped them in between the warmth of my palms
To simmer myself during cold winter breeze

I know that by doing so I’ve betrayed my conscience
And exposed myself to the torrent of unrests
But I also know that my metaphors are meaningless
Unless emanating from the divinity of your chests

The promise that I made has been broken today
When my words have granted you life yet again
Falling onto the empty pages through my eyes
Are those beautiful letters that still spell your name

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

From the ink of my love

Beneath the shadows of intertwined branches
Weaving and erasing countless dreams
As I look up at the dark winter sky
That was scarlet just some hours ago
I wonder that you also must have changed
Sneaking quietly out of the closet of my eyes
To open deserts where the golden sands
Might have molded you into an enviable reality

Sometimes during the odyssey of your imagination
I stumble into the garden of your breaths
Where each petal laden with hanging fragrance
Again gives me a million wings to fly with

When I wake up to the flutter of leaves
I see the hue of moonlight percolating into me
And into the empty contours of traipsing breeze
Giving me the abundance of an ink which will
Grant immortality to my words and love for you

For there will come a time when there shall be no life in me
And then you should know what I write today
On the blank slates of some abstract emotions
 Binding them carefully with the hymn in my heart
That would be visible only through the magic of your eyes

 The soft pebbles that I throw into this lake
Are hopes, that somehow my crescendo, with these ripples
Will reach your soul as a smooth whisper
And you will also know that when you breathe
Someone else also is alive through them.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A rendezvous with life

Indefinite chaos and random destinations
All I leave behind today for you my life
Let’s enjoy the brevity of time we have
Forgetting for a while the streak of our failed relations

Reveal to me some secrets from your chest
And know mine too, unspoken, unheard till yet
It’s now that we sit close to each other’s breaths
Perhaps we can touch the soil of our buried unrests

Some questions, complaints you have inside, so do I
For We both were denied our respective share of bliss
Sometimes from destiny and sometimes from ourselves
When on the brink of smile we were ordained to cry

But all those tears and bitterness, I have left far behind
To walk barefoot a few inches of serenity with you
Nonchalantly receding away from the lines on my palms
Into a world of your sweet hymns, which no one can find

Drops of lukewarm euphoria poured into a silver crescent
Served with the delicacy of crisp spring breeze
The romance of night ebbing away our frowns
Draped in a satin smile, today you look so pleasant

Because More than those years of undissolved separation
These melting moments of ephemeral togetherness
Deserve to be molded into memories to cherish later
Not as rusty images but as golden impressions

Sunday, October 4, 2009

And the wings will rise again

Some broken feathers as a sign of struggle
Against the rigidity of an old rusted steel cage
A bird bleeds inside with implausible dreams
Watching the horizon’s line with hope and rage

Obstinacy of spirit against the fragility of life
Foolish it is to envisage even an ounce of sky
Why then this fight for? these bars will not yield
To its shrieks-the grit,not enough to make it fly

Between the duality of inches and infinities
Liberation it seeks through the narrow spaces
To a world atop the realms of fettered imagination
Where its span will transcend all walls and places

Because reality, a shapeless delusion of tomorrow
That changes its silhouettes through persistence
Can be cast into a beautiful crucible, as one wills
Or to some abandoned dust that has got no existence

These robust beliefs, are what it beholds tightly
Amid all the dejections and despair in this quest
For it knows despite all the conspiracies of time
It’s going to weave a path that will lead it to its crest

The stains, the impressions engraved upon the bars
Shall one day thrust the gates apart from the chains
Unbound freedom will spread throughout the air
In the embrace of which its wings will rise again

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Come back my love

Ensnared by your memories,breathing your name
In the infiniteness of thoughts the words are lame
This distance,this silence pierces into my ears
I wish eyes could bleed but alas they only have tears

Ailment of my heart you do not understand
Amid shadows of solitude I need your hand
From this desolated cell for your touch I scream
Lost everything with you I’m chasing this dead dream

But the heart is obstinate,logics it doesn’t know
From the clutches so tender it isn’t letting you go
Its valleys still covered with the halo of your bliss
Scent of your words fading to a hallucinating promise

Those beautiful reflections will you snatch them away
Leaving me with haunting realities that’ll take me astray
Futile hope of your return is gripping my soul tight
Plunging me into further darkness,barren of any light

Cripple all my senses to cure the pain you gave
Your circling face will entangle me to my grave
Tell me a world where I may be able to forget you
Labyrinth of our past I’m not able to cross through

Monsoon sky drips poison through dusk and dawn
Echoes in the drops waking up rose’s brutal thorns
But in the moistness ember of your face doesn’t go cold
Remaining pristine as ever if this time goes old

Saturday, July 18, 2009

One last time

Come my friend and hold my hand for sometime
Enough have you walked so sit beside me a while
While the dawn is distant and the hue of dusk still sublime
There are miles to dream of yet, so are the reasons to smile

An obliterated world filled with some memories so sweet
Where roses are still intoxicated by your undying fragrance
That secluded corner of day where we used to meet
And sing carols of life among whispers of heavens

Wetness in raindrops, nothing but your dripping gleam
Kissing insipid terrains and unleashing the aroma within
All this would come to an end so soon, it did not seem
Against the supremacy of fate our slender wrists couldn’t win

Yes, I’ve tears in my heart not because we could never meet
Nor because silence always hypnotized my fluid words
But for the irony this hour’s given me before the tacit retreat
When I’ll become a part of sky with those soaring birds

Poignant remembrance of yours, I will keep in my eyes
And close them forever so no one can ever take it away
Love between us, unborn yet immortal on the silver skies
Perhaps will manifest itself, immaculate, some day

The restlessness of waves and their longing for moon
A silent witness of which is the solitary shore
Drenched with a taste and hope that they’ll come soon
Forever in incomplete embrace, when did it ask for more?

Always content with a handful of oysters left behind
As souvenirs of a brevity, plain, wet and white
Hopeful that its voice will resonate across until the waves find
And rush for an eternal rendezvous despite the moonlight.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Parting void

There was so much inside me
when you said goodbye
words froze within the surface
of the glaciers of my heart
in numbness eyes couldn't speak
until i realized moments had come
in between to make us apart
I tried hard to negotiate with time
but alas!it was too late
when i turned around
you were no more there
only remained were your
obliterated footsteps upon my face
within a second's explosion
distance of a lifetime was fathomed
but the road that you walked on
was nothing my shadow left abandoned
I wanted to call you back
a thosands world away
but you had gone
didn't even let your memories stay
With a magical spell
you clinched my dawn
you took away the sunlight
and the seasons of spring
silent are the winds now
that once used to sing
Yet i stand there all alone
where you left me
in the undiminishing hope
that one day you'll come
and resurrect me

Friday, April 10, 2009

Farewell of a son

 My wings are set,the cradle is gone
A toddler no more,no more a new born
Battles ahead I have to fight alone
Let me flourish or else I’ll be a stone

Your love for me I do understand
But alas our lives this way are planned
Under your warmth,we merrily grow
Until one day duties call and we have to go

Likewise a world awaits me behind this door
For hardships of life,horizons to explore
A bitter truth we both have to face
Time has come to leave your embrace

The other side of your heart,I realize today
Limitless love for me that you did never say
How quickly you forgave each mistake of mine
Whispering for my well being always to divine

These immortal memories,how will they die
I’ll remain a part of you even if I fade into sky
Guiding my way through greys and greens
Not money,not gold but your blessings supreme

Don’t cry mama,you only give me strength
To face the hurdles across universe’s length
A smile on your face is all that I want to see
As I leave for a quest,in search of my destiny

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Operation slimboy

One December evening i was strolling on my terrace
Amidst the crowd of homes my eyes got stuck on a face
A beauty in the mirror, with long black flowing hair
Adrenaline galore yet i could not refrain a stare

She came to the window, for the first time our gazes met
My mind drowned in the cascade of my own sweat
Caught and cringed i raised my hand for an uncertain 'hi'
With grotesque looks but she had already hammered her 'bye'

My heart was crushed between the window panes
No trespassers, red faced she barricaded all the chains
To my reigning confidence that came as an unforeseen blow
The slammed window froze and the reason i didn't know

A voice from inside said, "look at yourself, you swollen figure"
"At the end of the day your big belly grows even bigger
Why would a girl with senses on even lay her eyes on you"
Brutally bitter to swallow but what was said was true

Crestfallen, i vowed to myself to bury down my loyal flabs
A slim physique was aimed to attain if not six packs abs
Restaurants were cordoned off and sweets declared a sin
The maiden step was taken, operation slimboy was about to begin

Buzzing alarms gonged the opening of a new solemn quest
Tastes neutralized, temptations of tongue were put to rest
All the muscles squeezed under the gruesome exercise regime
Bones screamed with utter ache but my will persisted supreme

Months passed away finally my hardwork conceived its fruit
I looked at myself now and that voice within became mute
Narrower was my waistline, the big belly nowhere to be seen
Pinch me tight to wake me up if I’m floating in a dream

Then arrived the season of spring and the flowers bloomed again
Again the window was opened still her essence flew the same
The day had come for which i had been waiting for so long
Anxious nerves were dancing on the beat's rhythmic song

Her eyes popped out as she saw me dumbstruck with disbelief
To my throbbing heart that expression came as a pleasant relief
like a whisper from the heaven with her 'hi' at last i was blessed
The battle was conquered, operation slimboy culminated in success


Books in my dreams,equations in my screams
these exams take me along there invincible streams
the awful time has become too much of a hell
recurring devils why do they come..can anybody tell

My crimson red eyes demand some sleep
but the course to be fathomed is too deep
the brain has choked with the traffic of pages
can' find a way out of these black and white cages

This way ammeter measures current,so what do i do
laplace is left,lorentz is lost..man i'm really screwed
the fucking time readily melts away as ice on fire
heavyweight books laugh as a blood sucking vampire

A creepy junkyard is now my brain
facts keep pouring in only to go to drain
the formula was here where has it gone
shit man....the sun has arisen along with the dawn

The clock strikes, now i'm now all set to die
outside the exam hall my memorie says bye bye
the pen has stopped and so has my mind
other people sitting around,they also don' seem to be kind

My blank paper consoles me you worked so hard
maybe your parents won't believe when they see your report card
but there sits a beast with a red fire ball in his hand
on a few ticks and crosses your fate now stands

Mug,mug,cram,cram to prove your worth
tear yourself untill you curse your own birth
this education won't easily spare you alive
and hailed as a winner if you'r able to survive

A terrorist and a soldier

There he comes with a loaded gun in his hand
a heartless beast to savage innocent's land
with a flagrant smile and eyes that are cold
inside charred bodies he finds his winning gold

Thirsty for blood he doesn't know mother,he doesn't know child
the only ecstasy he knows is when the death dances wild
pleading cries,deafening screams he won't hear today
numb hands won't tremble they only want to slay

Under the robes of night he plays a malicious game
one pointblank shot and there pours a crimson rain
another life snuffed,another point added to his score
a blind lust resurges,he craves to kill even more

His glory comes through a path where corpses are laid
a price probably for being a common man they paid
sepulchral sight that will make even insanity weep
lifeless as they lie in the coffins of an orphaned sleep

The dawn has come but darkness still prevails
hands tied we all watch closely how humanity fails
but he ruthless as ever continues his assault on our face
a promise he's done that he will perish human race

From the womb of a demon he has arisen
in his veins flows an insulated poison
we call it a heinous crime,he calls it a holy war



There he comes with a loaded gun in his hand
a saviour born to reclaim his people's land
advancing forward his blood spits gallons of wrath
eyes don't believe as they see the catastrophic aftermath

Bravery in blood,he stands as the epitome of courage
be it calamity or war he salves us from every sabotage
today also he has come to conquer this tumultuous time
to bring all of us back to life is his motive prime

From the sweat of sacrifices he has arisen
embellishing pride that goes higher than the horizon
when he sees a million safe abodes he gets his prize
but remains far away from sleep when brutality is on the rise

His glory comes through a path where there exists no fear
those steps won't recess even if they sense death to be near
he hears the mourning sky and winds that are crying
a piercing silence is suffused over this world that is dying

But he doesn't have time to grieve over what's gone
his head finds a way that leads to a brighter dawn
to broken souls he gives a shimmering hope of salvation
heart fumes again over those who have wrecked his nation

He resolves to combust the beast in his own flames
vengeance for country in mind he then sets his aims
unremitting bullets galore,an indefnite battle now begins



Friday, April 3, 2009

Silent love

What a pretty face you were
the morning after an eternal night
those mischevious strands of your hair
like streaks of bliss shining bright

winds wearing the robes of your name
tickled my cores everyday
your innocent gazes were so insane
not even knowing what they used to slay

my parched heart was deluged
with the rain of a silent love
i was a restless ocean in recluse
you were the smile of the silver moon above

my waves wanted to embrace your light
the distance was to deep to plumb
against myself i did try to fight
but your magnetic eyes made me numb

i  followed the roads that told your tale
to tell you were the one,yes it was you
in a second but my blood went pale
what i saw just couldn't be true

cusp of beauty there you were
leashed and blooming in his blatant grip
the sky fell apart,my sight became blurred
into a thousand pieces my world you ripped

blazing dreams,bleeding tears
eyes seethed,heart was crucified
that ruthless dusk,my soul it seared
a naked death my love had died

choked words calling your name
requiem was now your sparkling face
your dark fire burning me in shame
abandoned by you i kissed my grave

today your broken memories stab into me
asking me why i didn't tell you
mourning over my morbid destiny
now i scream to myself....i loved you,i loved you