Monday, June 29, 2009

Parting void

There was so much inside me
when you said goodbye
words froze within the surface
of the glaciers of my heart
in numbness eyes couldn't speak
until i realized moments had come
in between to make us apart
I tried hard to negotiate with time
but alas!it was too late
when i turned around
you were no more there
only remained were your
obliterated footsteps upon my face
within a second's explosion
distance of a lifetime was fathomed
but the road that you walked on
was nothing my shadow left abandoned
I wanted to call you back
a thosands world away
but you had gone
didn't even let your memories stay
With a magical spell
you clinched my dawn
you took away the sunlight
and the seasons of spring
silent are the winds now
that once used to sing
Yet i stand there all alone
where you left me
in the undiminishing hope
that one day you'll come
and resurrect me