Monday, October 19, 2009

A rendezvous with life

Indefinite chaos and random destinations
All I leave behind today for you my life
Let’s enjoy the brevity of time we have
Forgetting for a while the streak of our failed relations

Reveal to me some secrets from your chest
And know mine too, unspoken, unheard till yet
It’s now that we sit close to each other’s breaths
Perhaps we can touch the soil of our buried unrests

Some questions, complaints you have inside, so do I
For We both were denied our respective share of bliss
Sometimes from destiny and sometimes from ourselves
When on the brink of smile we were ordained to cry

But all those tears and bitterness, I have left far behind
To walk barefoot a few inches of serenity with you
Nonchalantly receding away from the lines on my palms
Into a world of your sweet hymns, which no one can find

Drops of lukewarm euphoria poured into a silver crescent
Served with the delicacy of crisp spring breeze
The romance of night ebbing away our frowns
Draped in a satin smile, today you look so pleasant

Because More than those years of undissolved separation
These melting moments of ephemeral togetherness
Deserve to be molded into memories to cherish later
Not as rusty images but as golden impressions

Sunday, October 4, 2009

And the wings will rise again

Some broken feathers as a sign of struggle
Against the rigidity of an old rusted steel cage
A bird bleeds inside with implausible dreams
Watching the horizon’s line with hope and rage

Obstinacy of spirit against the fragility of life
Foolish it is to envisage even an ounce of sky
Why then this fight for? these bars will not yield
To its shrieks-the grit,not enough to make it fly

Between the duality of inches and infinities
Liberation it seeks through the narrow spaces
To a world atop the realms of fettered imagination
Where its span will transcend all walls and places

Because reality, a shapeless delusion of tomorrow
That changes its silhouettes through persistence
Can be cast into a beautiful crucible, as one wills
Or to some abandoned dust that has got no existence

These robust beliefs, are what it beholds tightly
Amid all the dejections and despair in this quest
For it knows despite all the conspiracies of time
It’s going to weave a path that will lead it to its crest

The stains, the impressions engraved upon the bars
Shall one day thrust the gates apart from the chains
Unbound freedom will spread throughout the air
In the embrace of which its wings will rise again