Sunday, September 27, 2009

Come back my love

Ensnared by your memories,breathing your name
In the infiniteness of thoughts the words are lame
This distance,this silence pierces into my ears
I wish eyes could bleed but alas they only have tears

Ailment of my heart you do not understand
Amid shadows of solitude I need your hand
From this desolated cell for your touch I scream
Lost everything with you I’m chasing this dead dream

But the heart is obstinate,logics it doesn’t know
From the clutches so tender it isn’t letting you go
Its valleys still covered with the halo of your bliss
Scent of your words fading to a hallucinating promise

Those beautiful reflections will you snatch them away
Leaving me with haunting realities that’ll take me astray
Futile hope of your return is gripping my soul tight
Plunging me into further darkness,barren of any light

Cripple all my senses to cure the pain you gave
Your circling face will entangle me to my grave
Tell me a world where I may be able to forget you
Labyrinth of our past I’m not able to cross through

Monsoon sky drips poison through dusk and dawn
Echoes in the drops waking up rose’s brutal thorns
But in the moistness ember of your face doesn’t go cold
Remaining pristine as ever if this time goes old