Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ephemeral randomness

Here is a list of short one liners that often cross my mind. I tend to save them somewhere if I find them worthy enough.

1. Let us walk over the silken sky of moonlit dreams before the sun rises again and poisons it to a blue reality

2. You never need to tilt the vessel which beholds talent. It has a habit of spilling itself.

3. An atheist is not one who is too arrogant to believe in god. He's simply too wise to believe that God should never be bothered with trivial demands.

4. White smoke arising from a burning cigarette, weaving random patterns then receding away from each other, finally surrendering themselves to non existence. We, the white smoke; and life, the burning cigarette.

5. Every golden syllable that crossed our breaths is hanging to my lips, floating inside my eyes. May be I'll never say, may be you'll never see.

6. It's amusing to see the miracles of friendship. It pulls you out from the deepest of despair. It teaches you that the unbounded joy of life comes through sharing, be it food, clothes, happiness or sadness. That nothing in this world is more blissful than a smile on your friends' faces even if it comes at the cost of yours. ultimately, it makes you realize that the greatest gift of friendship is friendship itself

7. I'm yet to come across a day in life not regretting about the past, not contemplating about the present and not fearing about the future.

8. Sometimes, I am too busy to ponder about how bad my life has been to realize how worse it could have been.

9. Life doesn' always grant what we wish for, as only it knows the unseen stupidities of our hearts and minds.

10. Never be ashamed of your mediocrity for excellence is nothing but the later stage of it.

11. A gaze of your existence,a breath of your fragrance, neither in some anticipation nor in any remembrance, Transient moments locked inside the closet of our eyes, beauties of life left behind, plunging into death's acceptance

12. In the monochromes of a sombre sky, 
I watched a rainbow made of true colors,
And raindrops sliding down it innocently,
To paint me in your love for an eternity

I wonder whether you could see it too

13. Come, on the valleys of silence, let's make a bridge of words for we are just a few syllables away from union and just a slip away from separation.

14. The inevitability of the future can not be stopped by the fear from it.

15. I can never be stupid enough to understand how smart I am and can never be smart enough to understand how stupid I am.

16. We make many friends, a few good friends, a fewer best friends and rarely ever a true friend.

17. Sometimes it occurs to me that hatred is a truer emotion than love for it is far more passionate, sincere and pure in its nature. Moreover, you can afford to be disloyal in love but not in hatred.

18. I don’t fear death for it is the greatest inevitability but I do fear life for it is the greatest illusion.

19. It seems rather ironical to me that nothing in this world teaches us the art of living better than the fear of death.

20. We humans are the greatest masochists. We have an unusual knack of turning towards exactly the things which would destroy us in the end.

21. There are a lot of lessons I've learnt from my Mother. Not being like her is one of them.

22. Every righteous idiot has a great imagination. His talks always revolve around Should Be-s and Must Be-s.

23. We must always listen to the advise and words of the elders if we want our lives to be insanely boring


  1. Its always a treat to me whenever I read your musing... Whats an amazing one liners to read and remember.

  2. Thanks a lot, Yusuf. Appreciate your words. Please Keep visiting. :)

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