Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love across time

This is a story of a time ages ago
Of you and me and our imperishable glow
When under the sky, some place afar
We lit the nights sans moon or star

With the flicker of breaths, its inkiness dissolved
Amused I watched in glitters as they revolved
A handful of warmth I too blew from my palms
Which kissed the breeze and swayed it by its arms

On the swings of twigs, I pushed you high
Tickling the heavens, our laughter echoed across the sky
The air was heady with the melodies we weaved
Separation was never to come or so we believed

But a storm was coming in the hourglass of time
To shatter our song and its every rhyme
The words were buried in the womb of the dawn
Our strokes were dead and the story torn 

Farewell it was not and this promise we made
While we walked away from each other watching our faces fade
Into the shadows of fate, our paths were curved
But the love in our hearts was forever preserved

Ages later, on distant lands we both were born
To keep up a promise, to which we both had sworn
Through the mist of memoirs, with parched fragments of a name
Towards An enchanted embrace, we started walking again

Years hence someday with the maiden showers of rain
From a frayed tuft of cloud, our words drizzled again
Seeping into the memories lying untouched for so long
From the damp grounds of time burst forth a forgotten song

Deep within the symphonies were pools of golden streams
That drew us nearer to our hearts’ half lit dreams
Not a syllable was broken nor the fragile sighs
And the love was alive, still breathing inside our eyes