Sunday, June 24, 2012

The choice of a perspective

When I look up at the rainbow, I thank the gods for giving me a chance to witness a phenomenon whose beauty is all encompassing and enchanting. I also thank the colors for gathering at a place and holding one another in a seamless perfection. Yes, I love the rainbow. It kindles a hope in me that the best and the most mesmerizing things in life are realized somewhere between the edges of strife and courage.

When I look up at the rainbow, I wonder why God created something whose very existence is nothing more than an ephemeral illusion. I can very well imagine the colors making a shameless mockery of all those who are tricked into believing in something that doesn’t really exist. That is the reason I don’t like the rainbow. For me, it stands as the epitome of deceit and bluff which, to say the least is guilty of being an impostor. Nothing more, nothing less.

Despite the rainbow being the same to everyone, why is it held in such stark contrast? Why for one, it inspires a brilliant flash of hope while the other sees it with a downright cynical tint? The answer to this can’t be sought in or equated with any logical equivalence. Its roots can rather be traced down to the emotional construct one is composed of. Everyone perceives situations and people as per its own understanding, interpretation and experiences of life which is the point of origin of the definitions that define us as a person and consequently shape our perceptions. For someone who has been on the dark and gloomy aspect of life for long is more likely to be aggressive, pessimistic and perhaps, withdrawn. And conversely, one who has had positive encounters with life would be more poised, optimistic and gregarious.

But having said that, I must admit that the traits enlisted above are based on the assumptions of how one WOULD react and they don’t touch upon the possibility of a choice that beholds the power to alter the course of destiny altogether. The choice of a perspective. Yes, we do have the authority and ability to choose our own perspectives because whatever we make out of our lives largely depend on the kind of outlook and motivation that has gone into building it. Some people count the number of steps that they have travelled and some people count the number of steps that are yet to be travelled. And the feeling at this juncture makes all the difference about how the rest of the journey is going to be. Every turn will not come out to be a pleasant surprise. Not every person is going to be as good as your imagination or expectation. There are more chances of heartbreaks than the promises of love. The shrieks of unjust rejections outnumber the whispers of a sincere embrace.

But irrespective of what you have been offered, you must withhold the indispensable wisdom to choose from amongst all the perspectives that lie ahead, the one which is most right; for you can’t choose the outcome but you can certainly choose the perceptions. Now whether you believe it not, a small voice inside our gut always guides us to this one path which leads us to where we truly deserve to be. And each and everyone of us must make at least one honest attempt to choose from the range of perspectives and see for ourselves where it leads us to.

Bon Voyage.

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