Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beyond separations

Silent they stand, staring into each other’s eyes
With a defiance that shatters every word and its meaning
They speak not of the blisters of separation
Or of distances they’ve endured and survived
On a journey that lasted a bit longer than imagined
Their unflinching gazes, the only light
And their quivering breaths, the only sound
In the austerity of a starless, solitary night

They do not ask nor do they seek
For the parched pages they left behind
Where some unfinished strokes still wait
To be born again unto eternity
The yellowness that has seeped into them
Making their memoirs a little more undecipherable
Is a mute testament of a conspiracy
Their destinies webbed against them

They rather feel content with the soundless echoes
Of togetherness clinging stubbornly to their souls
As she moves her slender fingers through his tousled hair
Easing the creases of ruthless time on his forehead
He also removes some loose streaks of heavens
Falling over and veiling her velvet radiance
With a fragrance of freshly plucked lavender
Her wrinkles dissolving away at the mere hint of his caress
Her lips twitching unevenly in an anticipation
Before finally surrendering to a blissful smile

Few drops of tears trickle down her face
Which he captures with a gentle grasp
And mingles them with that of his own
He brings the liquid diamonds near his lips
Chanting something in a hush, a prayer may be
Then sprinkles them all around in a circle
Over the damp ground beneath their feet
From where gush out glittering showers of ecstasy
That paints the magnificence of the sky
With a splendid luster of their love

United they are once again, unfazed, unnerved
Undoing every legend that has ever been known
Of what it is to love, even beyond life sometimes
Hands intertwined, heads leant over against each other
They start ascending on a stairway conjured up
With whirls of blue smoke that vanishes with every step
Leaving behind all realities, laments, ashes

And an immortality in them which lie...lifeless, motionless


  1. Ankit...

    I could not express it on AP...what those words mean to me.. maybe this is a safer place to accept my feelings for this poem...grant cognizance to my emotions...

    'Separation' was something that left me exhausted...for days i was in denial though this separation was staring me right in my face...I avoided manifesting it in words , thinking that it but once i wrote it down.. it made me realise that it is real..inevitable, final...

    And it happened... it happened with such viciousness and torment that I was plunged into the abyss from which i am still struggling to emerge... I am still crawling back..trying to impart some semblance of sanity to this life...

    Beyond Separation ... there could not have been a moe beautiful sequel to Separation, more appropriate, moe fitting reply..

    But it made me sad...because my story, my separation in real life can never be followed by something so beautiful...

    it left me wishful.. and tormented at the same time... it is to live with the fact that you can never even dream of having the person you are so desperately in love with ...

    you always say that i write beautfiully about ironic Ankit...cause i could never know love...

    its a beautiful poem, words fail me...

    Ankit...never ever think that your time , the life you lead is not worthwhile...cause what you have with you is a skill that millions can only fantasize about..but can never have.. if i were you, i would strut around, basking in the knowledge that i can conjure such magic with my words...

    God bless you...

  2. Sorry Didi, for my much delayed response, all due to the lethargic tendencies of mine. So, after a month or less than so, I've sat down to reply to you.
    Didi, you have always been immensly supportive to all my poetic endeavors, be them good or bad. Your rocksolid support has, without any halt, anchored my words and attempts. Same goes with this one Di. And due to so much affection of yours, I always fall short to put together my words in a single thread of coherence.
    Written as a tribute, sequel or whatever others want to call it as, this write finds it ultimate culmination in the fact that it was crafted after being inspired from one of your immortal writes 'Separation' whose each word, every syllable still reverberates in the spaces of my mind and heart giving me surreal shivers. It's not a poem merely, it's an experience, a phenomenon that can only be understood by those who are fortunate enough to have read it. Such pristine emotions can only be drawn by a pen whose ink has been bestowed by the divine himself.
    I'm also aware of certain things and events that have happened to you in the past few days, leaving you in a state of despondency. But as I write my reply today, I also happen to know the latest developements in your life which is no less than ecstatic for me as they are to you. In our lives, at some or the other stage, we all are left with bereft of affection, love. When nothing but emptiness floats inside us, at a time when we so desperately long for a placating touch and not getting it makes us cynical and pessimistic towards every light, hand and voice that tries to reach out to us. But since it's just a phase of life and all the claims that we can' walk out of the self imposed exile fall apart in front of the innate tenacity that god has put inside us. And with a modicum of persistence and patience, we suddenly find ourselves unfettered from all our despairs. The existence of love can only be felt by an honest heart that is filled in abundance with such an abundance that it never hesitates gush forth, even to some strangers. And I know deep down inide di, that you've got a heart more tender, beautiful that could have been ever imagined by the domains of my comprehensibility. And just like a child can identify his mother sans any sound made by her among a thousand strange faces, a loving heart also has the ability to connect with another loving heart. I hope that you're getting what I mean to say here. So, never, ever dare to think that while my breaths remaining with me, love will abandon you. I'll not let it happen. You'll get what you desire, for whomsoever you's a sincere prayer by chhotu to the lord.
    God bless you didi.